Virus Mob

Virus Mob

Date of Forming
July 15, 2008
Little My, Francis, Athonie, Tumbo, Murno and Mansoon Moon
Dominant Female(s)
Little My
Dominant Male(s)
Fransic and Mansoon Moon
Current Dominant Female
Little My
Current Dominant Male
Mansoon Moon
Number of Members
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)

The Virus Mob was founded by two females, a Moomins female and a Commando, who teamed with three rovers from the JaXX and Kung Fu. Little My, of Moomin origins, establisted dominance along with wild Kung Fu male Francis as dominant male. Francis was soon predated and Mansoon Moon, the long-term rover, rose to as his succesor.

Dominant PairEdit

At first there was a long competion between the males for dominance but the role of dominant female was quickly taken by Little My. Finally Francis became the dominant male but he was soon predated. Mansoon Moon, a long-term rover took his place as the new dominant male.

Current MembersEdit

Little My Moomins

Little My

The Virus have 15 members as of November 2009.

Little My (VMMF006) Dominant Female

Mansoon Moon (VJXM003) Dominant Male

Murno (VCDF035)

Tumbo (VKUM001)

Mr. Milk (VURM001)

Vendetta (VURF002)

Grudge (VURF003)

Charlotte (VURF004)







All Known MembersEdit

A list of all meerkats from the Virus Mob.

Little My (VMMF006)

Tumbo (VKUM001)

Murno (VCDF035)

Francis (VKUM002)

Mansoon Moon (VJXM003)

Mr. Milk (VVUM001)

Vandetta (VVUF002)

Grudge (VVUM003)

Charlotte (VVUF004)









The Virus main rivals are the Pokemon.


July 2008: Little My and Munro joined Tumbo, Francis and Mansoon Moon. Little My became the dominant female.

August 2008: Francis became the dominant male. Munro was pregnant.

September 2008: Munro lost her litter. Little My was pregnant. Tumbo went t roving and were absent.

October 2008: Little My gave birth to Mr. Milk, Vendetta, Grudge and Charlotte.

November 2008: Two encounters with Pokemon.

December 2008: Tumbo and Monsoon Moon went roving. One encounter with Pokemon.

Janaury 2009: Francis was predated. Monsoon Moon became the dominant male.

February 2009: Munro aborted. Tumbo went roving.

March 2009: Little My was pregnant. Munro were evicted.

April 2009: Little My gave birth to VVUM005, VVUP006, VVUF007 and VVUM008. One encounter with Pakemon.

May 2009: VVUP006 was predated.

June 2009: Tumbo went roving.

July 2009: Little My was pregnant. Murno was evicted.

August 2009: Little My aborted.

September 2009: Tumbo went roving.

October 2009: Munro was pregnant.

November 2009: Munro gave birth to VVUP009, VVUP010 and VVUP011.

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