VEMF011 was born on August 16, 2009 in the Embers Mob. Her mother was Sam and her father was Santa the dominant pair at the time. She was born with her two litter-mates one sister Maddie(VEMF013) and one brother Danny(VEMM012).They were Sam's first known litter and her last. In October her mother lost dominance to Diana who took Sam's status, her mate Santa and her family. Her mother died in the next month.VEMF011 sadly was predated by a hawk in but her brother Danny and sister Maddie survived to adutlhood. Danny went roving along wiht Peter and formed the Johnny 13 Mob, where Danny later became the dominant male. Maddie stayed in the Embers and she soon overthrew Diana and became the new dominant female of the Embers, just like their mother before them.


Mother: Sam

Father: Santa

Sister: Maddie

Brother: Danny


Embers Mob

Maddie Embers

Danny Embers

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