This blog is for Meerkat Kingdom the show about the Commandos. It will list the meerkats and who plays who and what really happen behind the scenes. For the first season the Commandos are played by the Vivian.

Aniju and Meerkast123, you guys can leave you ideas in the comments and I'll edit this.

Meet the Meerkats

Nikita is the ruthless dominant female of the Commandos. She leads the group with an Iron Claw however she does have a softer side.

Hannibal is the One-Eyed dominant male of the Commandos and the mate of Nikita. He is one of the biggest, meanest meerkats around.

Ozzy is the Super sentry and always willing to lend a paw to those in need. He is a fiesty young male.

Rosie is Nikita's younger jealous sister. She wants Nikita's crown however the many rovers who appear at the group keep distracting her from achieving her dreams.

Venus is Nikita's loyal young daughter and babysitter of the group. She loves being with the pups.

Grog is Hannibal's younger brother and the biggest rover in the group. He can sweep the Kalahari's ladies off their feet in one second then be battling the Commandos' rival the next. He is one of the biggest meerkats around as well as one of the most handsomest.

Vivian Meerkats

Main Cast

Nikita is played by Rhian.

Hannibal is played by Hannibal.

Ozzy is played by Dougal.

Rosie is played by the eldest females in the Vivian in 2005.

Venus is played by the elsest females in 2005.

Grog played by Tonker and Grog,

Other meerkats

Boba played by Boba, One of Hannibal and Nikita's sons.

Kubu played by Kubu, One of Hannibal and Nikita's sons.

Spitfire played by Spitfire, One of Hannibal and Nikita's sons from their previous litter.

The Pups

Hercules played by Hercules, The only male pups born in Nikita's first seen litter in the show.

Isis played by Icarus, one of the female sseen in the first litter in the Show.

Sereina played by Odysseus. one of the female sseen in the first litter in the Show. She is a dady's girl.

Aphrodite played Aphrodite. by one of the female sseen in the first litter in the Show. She is the most fiestiest.

Samba played Calypso. by one of the female sseen in the first litter in the Show. She is the most timid.

Real Commandos Meerkats

Main Cast

Nikita played by Zorilla.

Grog played by Grog and later Ketamine.

Wilson played by Drew.

Philleppe played by Whiskey.

Rosie played by Kleintjie.

Samba played by Samba.

Celidh played by Celidh.

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