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Tortilla Van Helsing


Date Of Birth
January 15, 2008
Bananas and Bruce
Hoki-Tu, Juani and Chole
VQZM015, VQZF016 and VQZM017
Known For
Quetzals Founder

Van HelsingEdit

Tortilla(VVHF006) was born in the Van Helsing on January 15, 2008. Her mother was Bananas and her father was Bruce. Her litter-matse were Chole(VVHF003), Juani(VVHF004) and Hoki-Tu(VVHM005). She was in the first litter wever inthe Van Helsing. She lived in the group for two years then she left with her sisters cousin and aunt. They formed a new group called the Quetzals.


Flo took female dominance with Ash an Elveera male. Chole gave birth to four pups in January. Then Juani gave birth in February to three pups. The Quetzals were up to fifteen members. In April Flo gave birth to three pups bringing the numbers up to eightteen. Tortilla mated with Benno. Then in August Flo gave birth to four pups. On October 22, 2010 Tortilla gave birth to VQZM015, VQZF016 and VQZM017. Tortilla is still in the Quetzals today.


Mother: Bananas

Father: Bruce

Brotherr: Hoki-Tu

Sisters: Chole and Juani

Mate: Benno

Children: VQZM015 VQZF016 and VQZM017


Van Helsing Mob Quetzals Mob

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