Tortilla was born on the 13th March 2008 in the Geckos Mob. Her mother was Flo , who was dominant of the Geckos until Billy deposed her. Tortilla was born in a litter of three pups, her two brothers Mackenzie(VGKM013) and Kruegar(VGKM014) were her litter-mates. She survived her first year and 6 months in the group. In mid October 2009, she got pregnant for the first time. Two other females, Pig and Vidy were alsp pregnant. Tortilla gave birth to 3 pups. Her fits pup was taken by a predator. Her second pup disappeared. Her third was killed. Tortilla and Pig were both pregnant again. Billy evictedd Pig and Vidy from the group but both returned. Tortilla has produced a new litter of 4 pups.

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