Timothy is the dominant male of the Willows he fathered two litters. His mate is Maria and his children are Tara, Hazel,Coco,Buddy, Sara and Kiara.


Timothy was born in the Zappa mob on Novembor 28, 2010 his mother was the dominant of the mob. Timothy was well cared for since he was the dominant pair's offspring. Timothy safely reached Adulthood.
File:Pup Timothy.jpg

Willow MobEdit

Timothy went roving with his brothers and formed the Willow mob with two Wild females. It was hard gaining Dominance for the males but in the end Timothy won Dominance. His mate Lisa gave birth to four pups. Shortly after giving birth to the pups Lisa was killed by a puff adder bite. Maria assumed dominance and became Timothy's new mate. Timothy mated with Maria in October and Maria gave birth to two pups in Novembor. As of today Timothy is still the dominant of the Willows.
Timothy Willow

Timothy, the dominant male of the Willows


Mother: Kaesta

Father: Thumbnail

Brothers: John, Caleb


Maria is his mate

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