These are the actors of The Top Kats.

First SeasonEdit



Luna:Played by Luna Eclipse.

Coment:Played by Coment Eclipse.

Bella:Played by Bella Eclipse.

Shadow:Played by Shadow Eclipse and also by Paws Eclipse.

Hazel:Played by Hazel Eclipse and sometimes Miya Eclipse.

Flame:Played by Flame Eclipse.

Kat:Played by Jewl Eclipse.

Percy:Played by Hound Eclipse.

Dawn:Played by Blossom Eclipse and Janney Eclipse.

Melena:Played by Anne Eclipse.

Rover:Played by Young Eclipse,Luoi Eclipse an sometimes Shadow Eclipse.


Sassy:Played by May Eclipse(This is NOT the real Sassy).

Brouno:Played by Pual Eclipse.

Kyena:Played by Tina Eclipse.

River:Played by River Eclipse.

PUPS Coming soon!



Puppy:Played by Puppy Birds


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