Tema Zutus

Tema Zutus

Tema With Punk

Birth Date
31 October 2008
Death Date
Still alive
yes of the Zutus
First One-Eye now Mitch Whiskers
VZP001 and VZP002

Was Born on 31 October 2008. in a wild group. In 31 December 2009 she was evicted and joined a group of females and one male and take dominance the group was called Zutus.

Zutus MobEdit

In the mob her mate was One-eye. She was seen pregnanr after mating with Him. But than in September Mitch whiskers joined the group and take male Dominance now is waiting to the first litter of pups for Tema.
Tema With Punk

Tema in Zutus with Punk

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