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The Tazarians Mob first formed in 2003 wild meerkats that split from another group. The dominant female Spider gave birth to several litters, including her sucessful kids. The dominant male died and natal males took male dominance in the absent of un-related males. Spider died in 2006 leaving her eldest daughter Kowala as the new dominant female. A large group of rovers soon joined the group with Ninkazoo taking dominance. The group was hit by disease bringing their numbers down to only three memebers. The group was lost after the last two remaining males took to roving leaving the last female. She was no longer followed but reappeared in a new group whever she later became the dominant female.

Dominant PairEdit

At first Spider and Crackers held dominance for two years before Crackers was predated. Spider remained the dominant female for another year. Then she took was predated. Her eldest daughter Kowala became the new dominant female with her brother Bailey. After all the adult males left, a group of rovers led by Ninkazoo joined the group. They were the dominant pair for five years before both died form disease. All the adult females died within a month leaving only Lady Magica, a nine month old female. She was too young to take dominance of the three member strong group.

All Known MembersEdit














Lady Magica


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