Suzuki Mob
Date of Forming
July 2005
Pear,Mouse and Harry
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Harry and Harly
Current Dominant Female
Pear [Last dominant female]
Current Dominant Male
Harly [Last dominant male]
Number of Members
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)

The Suzuki was formed in July 2005, when three evicted Holden females joined up with a wild male. This group was sadly lost after Pear's death

Dominant PairEdit

At first, Pear and Harry took dominance. Harry was predated, leaving Pear and Mouse alone, until five wild meerkats joined the group, Harly taking dominance. Pear died after being the dominant female for five long years. The males disperesed and Mouse rejoined the Holden, bringing an end to the Suzuki group.

All known membersEdit

Pear (VHNF012) 


Harly (VSZM002) 

Mouse (VHNF014)

Jack (VSZM004)

Gio (VSZM005)

Zou (VSZM006)






The Suzuki's rivals were the Holden mob, Mountaineers mob and Warpath mob. 


Mid 2009: Pear and Mouse join Harry. Pear becomes dominant female

August 2009:Pear was pregnant but aborted

January 2010:Pear was pregnant but aborted

March 2010:Two encounters with Holden. Pear was pregnant

May 2010:Pear aborted

July 2010:Three encounters with Holden

September 2010:Mouse was pregnant but aborted

October 2010:Two encounters with Mountaineers

December 2010:Four encounters with warpath

Febuary 2011:Harry died. No dominant male

2012: Pear was pregnant but aborted

June 2013:Pear was pregnant

August 2013: Five wild males joined the group, Harly taking dominance. Pear gave birth to VSZF007, VSZM008, VSZF009 and VSZM010.

September 2013:Damian left the group. Harly  was hit by a car. Pear and Mouse disappeared. The Suzuki was lost.

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