Spots Kool Kats

Spots Kool Kats1

Yes of the Nightshade
Date of Birth
First Seen: January 1, 2010
Tina, Bright, Adam and Eve
Known For
First dominant male of the Nightshade


Kool KatsEdit

Spots(VKKM004) was First Seen on January 1, 2010 in a wild group that was named the Kool Kats. He wasn't the dominant male but that was Mr. Jack who was later ousted by a rover named Vince. The dominant female was Cheetra. Spots remained in the Kool Kats until late 2010. He left along with Double Stack and joined two rovers from the Embers. The four males soon came across two evicted Johnny 13 females and formed a new group.


The group was named the Nightshade. Spots became the dominant male, being the oldest. The two females Kat and Dani fougth for dominance and finally Dani won and became his mate. Dani gave birth to her first litter of four pups named Tina, Bright, Adam and Eve on January 5,2011.They were Spots' first known litter.Spots and Dani are still the dominant pair of the Nightshade today.


First litter born on January 5,2011 mothered by Dani Tina (VNHF001)

Bright (VNHF002)

Adam (VNHM003)

Eve (VNHF004)


Kool Kats Mob

Nightshade Mob

Dani Johnny 13

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