Silk Stockings (VNOF005) was born in April 2005 in the Nomads. Her mother was Kalahari Girl and her father was Gernet. Silk Stockings had two littermate brothers Rockshade (VNOM004) and Mudslide (VNOM006), and one sister named Samirah (VNOF007), all four survived to adulthood. When her mother died in December 2007, her older cousin Penny took dominance.

Dominant Female Edit

Silk Stockings and her sisters got pregnant before Penny, while the other females lost their litters, Silk Stockings was the only one to rejoin the group while still pregnant. Silk Stockings killed Penny's pups then attacked her older cousin and won. Silk Stockings ruled the group with her mate Devon until March 2011 where she was found dead in a bolt hole, having died from TB. Her eldest daughter Tempest is now the new dominant female with Panda.

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