Sean Embers

Sean Embers

Date of Birth
First Seen: June 2, 2009
None Yet
Known For
A Ember rover and dominant male of the Earthstorms


Sean(VEMM010) was First Seen on June 2, 2009 in a group that was named the Embers Mob. He was one of the males but didn't take dominance. He probably was one of the youngest males in the group. He was born in a wild mob so his origins were unknown but he probably was born in the same group as the other males. Sam and Santa took dominance of the group. Sean stayed out of the dominance fight and helped babysit, take sentry and went roving with the other males. After Diana, the dominant female, died and her niece Maddie took dominance, the males started to leave the group. After Sanata died Java took over as the new dominant male. Austin and Benny left the as did Danny and Peter left the group. Then a rover named Johnny joined the group so Java and Sean went roving.


The two males came across the Cobras Mob. They were able to join the group since the dominant male and other males were roving. Java took dominance of the new group long with Lilia. Since Sean couldn't take dominance, he started to rove again. In December 2011 he left the group along with Denny and Hefty to join another group.


Sean and the two other males joined the Earthstorm. Sean became the dominant male. He's still the dominant male today.

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