Ryan Cerulean

Ryan Cerulean

Date of Birth
April 15, 2002
VCRF008, Moth and Stem
Known For
Born in Calico's first litter

Ryan(VCRM007) was born on April 15, 2002 in the Cerulean Mob. His mother was Calico and his father was Doc. His litter-mates were his one sister VCRF008 and two brothers Moth(VCRM009) and Stem(VCRM010). They were Calico's first litter ever. VCRP001 was killed by a wild group on April 21, 2002. In an group encounter with the Wildkats, VCRF008 was killed on May19, 2002. Ryan and his two brothers survived their first few months. Then Calico gave birth to VCRP011, Leena, Laura and Pan on August 16, 2002 but VCRP011 was killed later on. Ryan and hsi brothers were no longer the pups of the Cerulean anymore but they were old enought o take care of themselves. Calico gave birth to Hands, Kitty and Butterfly on November 22, 2002. On May 25, 2003 Calico gave birth to VCRM019, Elizabeth, Kanti and Alain. Ryan started to help babysit his younger siblings. He soon started to rove when he was a year and a half. In September 2003 Ryan went roving with Cassidy and Dopey. Then on December 27, 2003 Calico gave birth to three pups. Ryan is still in the Cerulean today.


Mother: Calico

Father: Doc

Sister: VCRF008

Brothers: Moth and Stem


Cerulean Mob

Calico Elveera

Doc Lazuli

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