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The Roman mob was found in 2003 by 8 meerkats, five Whiskers female Daisy, Louise, Scratchy, Itchy and Thelma and three wild males Rush, WaterFall and Tsunami


  • July 2003: 8 meerkats form Roman Mob, Daisy and Tsunami take dominant
  • August 2003:All five females give birth
  • September 2003:Daisy, Louise, Thelma, Itchy gives birth, their litters are killed by Scratchy. Scratchy gives birth her litter is killed by Daisy
  • October 2003: No events
  • November 2003:All females are pregnant
  • December 2003:All females give birth, all litters are killed
  • January 2004: All males start to rove
  • February 2004:Itchy is pregnant
  • March 2004:Daisy, Louise, Thelma, Scratchy are all pregnant, Itchy gives birth to two pups Earthquake(VRF004) and Surfman(VRM005)
  • April 2004:Daisy Louise Thelma and Scratchy are give birth, all the litters are killed
  • May 2004:Louise takes dominances
  • June 2004:Louise and Itchy abort, Surfman is predated
  • July 2004:Daisy, Louise, Thelma, Scratchy and Itchy all abort
  • August 2004:Louise and Daisy are pregnant
  • September 2004:Louise gives birth, her litter is killed, Daisy evicts her and assume dominances, Daisy gives birtht to Rockslide(VRM006), VRP007 and VRP008
  • October 2004:Thelma and Itchy gives birth, their litters are killed, VRP007 and VRP008 are predated
  • November 2004:Daisy is pregnant, and evicts Thelma, Scratchy and Itchy
  • December 2004: Daisy gives birtht to Muddy(VRM009), Snowy(VRF010), Lucky(VRF011) and Ground(VRM012), all evicted females return to group
  • January 2005: Daisy is predated, Thelma, Itchy and Scratchy fight for dominances
  • February 2005:Thelma wins dominances, all three females are pregnant
  • March 2005, Itchy loses her litter, Scratchy gives birth to Blizzard(VRF013) and Hurricane(VRM014), Thelma gives birth to Hiker(VRM015), Biker(VRF016), VRP018 and VRP017
  • April 2005:VRP018 and VRP017 are predated
  • May 2005:Itchy aborts
  • June 2005:Thelma and Scratchy aborts
  • July 2005:Itchy is pregnant
  • August 2005:Itchy gives birth her litter is killed, Thelma is pregnant,Thelma evicts Itchy, Scratchy and Earthquake
  • September 2005:Thelma aborts, Earthquake disappears\
  • November 2005:Thelma, Itchy and Scratchy are all pregnant
  • Decmeber 2005:Thelma and Scratchy lost their litters, Itchy gives birtht to Rain(VRF019), Mist(VRF020) and Heavy(VRF021)
  • January 2006:Thelma disappears, Itchy and Scratchy fights for dominances
  • February 2006:Itchy wins but both meerkats are badly wounded. Scratchy dies from her wounds
  • March 2006:Rush leaves the group and disappears
  • April 2006;Heavy is predated
  • May 2006:Waterfall and Ground leave the group and disappears
  • June 2006:Itchy aborts
  • July 2006:
  • August 2006:Itchy is pregnant
  • September 2006:Itchy gives birth to Slide(VRM022) and VRP023
  • October 2006:VRP023 is killed
  • November:Itchy is pregnant
  • December 2006:Itchy aborts
  • January 2007:Lucky is pregnant
  • February 2007:Lucky is evict and then is predated and Slide is also predated
  • March 2007:Itchy is pregnant
  • April 2007:Itchy aborts, Rockslide and Muddy leave the group and disappears
  • May 2007:Snowy is pregnant
  • June 2007:Snowy and Blizzard abort
  • July 2007:Itchy is pregnant, she evicts Snowy, Blizzard and Hiker
  • August 2007:Itchy aborts, Snowy, Blizzard and Biker forms a new group
  • September 2007:Hurricane and Hiker leaves the group and disappears
  • October 2007:Itchy is pregnant
  • November 2007:Itchy gives birth to York(VRF024), Chocolate(VRF025), Peppermint(VRF026), Pattie(VRF027), Jolly(VRF028) and Mint(VRF029)
  • January 2008:Itchy is pregnant
  • February 2008:Itchy aborts
  • October 2008:Itchy dies, Rain takes over.
  • November 2008:York, Chocolate, Peppermint, Pattie, Jolly and Mint split and form new group
  • December 2008:Tsunami disappears
  • January 2009:Rain is predated, Mist is pregnant
  • February 2009:Mist gives birth to Lituya(VRF030)
  • March 2009:Cardinal joins the group
  • April 2009:Mist is pregnant
  • May 2009:Mist gives birth to Seether(VRM032) and VRM033
  • June 2009:VRM033 is predated
  • August 2009:Mist is pregnant
  • September 2009:Mist aborts
  • November 2009:Mist is pregnant
  • December 2009:Mist gives birth to Eagles(VRM034), Dolphins(VRF035) and Chargers(VRM036)
  • January 2010:

Current MembersEdit

  • Mist(VRF020)
  • Lituya(VRF030)
  • Cardinals(VRM031)
  • Seether(VRM032)
  • Eagles(VRM034)
  • Dolphins(VRF035)
  • Chargers(VRM036)

All membersEdit

  • Daisy
  • Louise
  • Thelma
  • Itchy
  • Scratchy
  • Rush(VRM001)
  • Waterfall(VRM002)
  • Tsunami(VRM003)
  • Earthquake(VRF004)
  • Surfman(VRM005)
  • Rockslide(VRM006)
  • VRP007
  • VRP008
  • Muddy(VRM009),
  • Snowy(VRF010)
  • Lucky(VRF011)
  • Ground(VRM012)
  • Blizzard(VRF013)
  • Hurricane(VRM014)
  • Hiker(VRM015)
  • Biker(VRF016)
  • VRP017
  • VRP018
  • Rain(VRF019)
  • Mist(VRF020)
  • Heavy(VRF021)
  • Slide(VRM022)
  • VRP023
  • York(VRF024)
  • Chocolate(VRF025)
  • Peppermint(VRF026)
  • Pattie(VRF027)
  • Jolly(VRF028)
  • Mint(VRF029)
  • Lituya(VRF030)
  • Cardinals(VRM031)
  • Seether(VRM032)
  • VRM033

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