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Petals was first seen in January 1995 as the Dominant female of a wild group called the Lost Boys Mob. She quickly became pregnant along with Lola. In March 1995 they gave birth to a mix litter of 7 pups. Four males named Apollo, Falcon, Sammy, Dean and 3 females Lira, Jana, and Nora. In April 1995 Jana was predated. In May 1995 Petals became pregnant by a roving male. In June 1995 Lola was evicted from the Lost Boys. In July 1995 Petals gives birth to

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Petals Lost Boys

Petals Lost Boys
Lost Boys
Yes Of The Lost Boys Mob
Date of Birth
First seen January 1995
Iron Man
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Lost Boys Mob

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