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Mittens Munchkins


Yes of the Munchkins
Date of Birth
May 26, 2004
Sandy and John
Ben and James
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Munchkins

Mittens(XMKF002) was born in a wild mob. She lived in that mob for at least two years then she was evicted with Mimie(XMKF001) and May(XMKF003). They teamed up with four Whiskers males to for the Munchkins Mob. At first Mimie and Ragga Muffin took dominance. Mimie gave birth to three pups then she was predated. Ragga Muffin lost dominance to Mitch. Mittens took over dominances. Mittens gave birth on July 17, 2006 to were Max, Marisa, Martin and Mara. Mitch and Mittens are still the dominant pair today.


Mother: Sandy

Father: John

Brothers: Ben and James

Mate: Mitch

Children: Max, Marisa, Martin and Mara


Munchkins Mob

Mitch Whiskers

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