Grace and Mickey

Mickey with Grace as a pup


Mickey(VJHM010) was born on October 22, 2010 into the Johnny 13. His mother was dominant female Kitty and his father was probably Johnny. He was born with one brother Kite(VJHM013) and two sisters Bindi(VJHF012) and Lady Day(VJHF011).Mickey was the largest pup out of his litter. Sadly Kite was later predated by a hawk when they started foraging. Johnny lost dominance to Danny in November 2010. Kitty gave birth to another litter on March 12, 2011. He and his remaining littermates survived to adulthood. He is mostly seen babysitting the pups by the researchers.


Mother: Kitty

Father: Johnny

Brother: Kite

Sisters: Bindi and Lady Day

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