Here list the actress and actors of Meerkat Warriors.


Midnight-Is the Eclipse's dominant female.Played by Luna Eclipse

Comet- Is Midnight's mate and the Eclipse's dominant male. Played by Comet Eclipse

Twilight- Is Midnight's sister and is next in line for her throne. Player by Hazel Eclipse

Aqua- Is the kind babysitter.Played by Bella Eclipse

Ray- Is the troublemaker of the Eclipse Mobs. Played by Flame Eclipse

Shadow- Is the mob's hero. Plahed by Shadow Eclipse

Crystal- Is an outsider and is never around the Eclipse mob. Played by Jewl Eclipse

Jay- Is Ray's brother.Played by Paws Eclipse

Sunrise- Is Midnight's daughter, a kind babysitter.Played by Fawn Eclipse

Lighting- Is one of Midnight's pups.Played by Chaser Eclipse

Thunder- Is Lighting's brother.Played by Chance Eclipse

Rain- Is Thunder's sister.Played by Blue Eclipse

The TorandosEdit

Atheana- Is the mob's harsh dominat female.Played by Atheana Torandos and Aphrodite Torandos.

Uranus- Is the Athean's mate.Played by Uranus Torandos.

Prowler- Is a huge rover and brings trouble for all the mons.Played by Prowler Torandos

Hunter- Is Prowler's brother and often follows him around.Played by Hunter Prowler

Primrose- Is Athena's daughter.Played by Rue Torandos

'Joy- Is Athean's pup and who gets stolen.Played by Puppy Torandosm

Flame- Is Joy's brother.Played by Hurricane Torandos

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