Meerkat Manor: The Meerkat Mob is a prequil to Meerkat Manor. It stars the Whiskers mob as they struggle to carve out a territory and grow into a mighty meerkat army amongst the cruel Kalahari and their evil neighbors. It was filmed in 2003 and aired on Animal Planet in 2004

The Meerkat Team: Tales from the Meerkat FamilyEdit

In February of 2011, Meerkat Manor: The Meerkat Mob was admitted as a saga in the Tales from the Meerkat Family section. Keeper Smith announced that it will be released as a seporate story over the summer.


Whiskers mob-they are the stars of the show. They are featured as a small, struggling splinter group who are trying to carve out a territory with little sucess.

Flower-the young, dominate female Yossarian-dominate male

Zaphod-envious former dominate male

Thelma-a subordinate

Louise-another subordinate, Thelma's sister

Lazuli-rival family

Cazzanna-dominate female

Basil-dominate male

Episode GuideEdit

Family Ties: Episode 1Edit

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