Meerkat mayhem is about three mobs Fighting for rights and power in the Kalahari desert


Tornadoes~Recently this the group is dealing with power struggles since there with out a dominate female and It's down to the two oldest females,Dawn and Bliss.who will win the fight for the Tornadoes throne.

Thunders~After TB stoke her mate,Dominate female,Star has only 15 meerkats in her group and if she doesn't find a suitor to,can her gang go on.

Rivers~After being abandoned by her family in a fight with the Tornadoes and being chased into the land of outcast two year old Xsella must start her own group if she is to survived in a land that No one has.But she has Hunter,Ice,Kimbo,Mittens,Cleo and Breeze.Can they survive in the land of outcast.

Season 1Edit

the Thunder are the main group and there beloved leader,janice has died.Her partener,Panther has left the group to find a new mate.Her eldest daughters,Dawn and Bliss fight over the position as dominate female of the group of the which leads the usually firce mob devided.At the T

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