Meerkat Manor: The New Era is written by Aniju Aura.

The New Era is the sixth season of Meerkat Manor and the sequeal to Meerkat Manor 5. The Whiskers are enjoying a new season of pups. Their numbers are rising but not is well in meerkat land. There are problems under the calm surface at the Whiskers. They have their own family members to worry about, their rivals the Aztecs are still small and having trouble keeping members at home and their is a new gang in town. Check out the new season of Meerkat Manor.

Meet The Meerkat


Rocket Dog [The Leader]

Dave [New Dominant Male]

Mitch [A New Lover]

Sophie [Good Kat Gone Bad]

Nugget [Young Hero]


Maybelline [Dominant Female]

Zaphod [The Grandfather]


Cleopatra [Queen of Danger]

Atlas [King of Distruction]


Aretha [Strong Leader]

Lavis [Strong Leader]


Nikita [Commander]

Zorro [Commander]


Melanie [New Dominant Female]


New rivals!

The New Era Episodes

Episode I: Coming Soon

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