Meerkat Adoption is for meerkats who have left their group but will not be used by their creator. This is the place to put down meerkats you have created but do wish to use in any of your mobs for what ever reason. Other user may want to use you meerkats so you can put them up for adoption. Just place your meerkats below with their ID Codes and month and year of when they left their mob. When adopting a meerkat or meerkats, please remove their names so other users won't mistake them as available. Must take all meerkats listed under one date, can not just take one or two if several meerkats left togather.

Male MeerkatsEdit

Place your roving males here for adoption so they may go to good homes.

Female MeerkatsEdit

Place your evicted females here for adoption so they may go to good homes.

Rugrats females who left their group in March 2008.

Lil (VRGF003)

Susie (VRGF008)

Didi (VRGF009)

Betty (VRGF013)

Drie Doring females who left their group in May 2013.

Marilyn (VDF144)

Jesus Christ (VDF150)

Kenza (VDF153)

Olay (VDF159)


Splinter GroupsEdit

Sometimes groups of meerkats splinter from a mob and form their own group. Usually contains both males and females.

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