Kirara Samurai

Kirara Samurai

Date of Birth
May 27, 2010
Known For
Born in Bubble Toes' first litter

Kirara(VSAF004) was born on May 27, 2010 in the Samurai Mob. Her mother was Bubble Toes and her father was Rhogan Josh. Her litter-mates were his one sister Komachi(VSAF006) and two brothers Kambei(VSAM005) and Kyuzo(VSAM007). They were Bubble Toes' first litter ever in the Samurai as well as Rhogan Josh's. Kirara was born a month after his aunt Lydia Teapot gave birth to three pups. Being the daughter of the dominant pair, Kirara was well looked after and the litter survived to four weeks old. Bubble Toes gave birth to Shichiroji, Heihachi, Honoka and Sanae on September 7, 2010. All four pups survived as well. Kirara was still too young to help babysit his new siblings. Her aunt Elian gave birth to Gorobei, Katsushiro, Kikuchiyo and Okara on November 17, 2010. Then on Janaury 23, 2011 Bubble Toes gave birth to four more pups. Kirara is still in the Samurai today.


Mother: Bubble Toes

Father: Rhogan Josh

Sister: Komachi

Brothers: Kambei and Kyuzo


Samurai Mob

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