These are tales of voting for leadership, who will become the leaders of groups

1. JD's destinyEdit

A battle scarred male with stars in his fur stood on a rock. "Where are they?" he asked an older female.

"Be patient Big si, my son" the female said. An elderly male walked towards them.

"Your mother is right my son. Patience is the key, isn't that right Vivian?"

"That's right Stinker" Vivian said.

"But it's my son's destiny that will be decided by them!" Big si snarled. His parents questioned no futher and eventually, the others came. Big si masked his frustration and started talking. "Alright, we need to find out how long JD will rule the lazuli. Put up your paw if you want him to rule for just a year" he said. Veda, Vialli, Igraine, Lazuli and Belgarion. "And who wants him to rule futher?" he asked. Ziziphus, Mr Wendell, Morgause, Einstein, Vivian, Stinker, Tenvial and Eleusine. "Alright, it's decided. He will rule for longer than a year" Big si said. The meerkats who wanted him to rule for just a year were fine about that, except Belgarion. "I'm not sure about this, what if he turns out like you?" he asked.

"He won't" Big si said. "I'll make sure of that."

2. Aretha's destinyEdit

Coming soon.

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