Kim as a pup

Kim as a pup

Kim was born in May 2009 in the Hunters mob. Her mother was the dominate female, Kimberly and her father was the dominate male Streak. When Kim was two weeks old, a black mamba got into her burrow in the late afternoon and hid in one of the chambers. Kim's mother was bitten and died a few hours later under the cover of night. Kim and her littermates, Buffy and Pine, were suckled by their older sisters. Kim's older half sister Russle was the new dominate female by the end of the week after beating Keeper fearcly. Kim and her littermates survived to going out on their first foraging mission. They were fed by many members of the Hunters and grew rapidly. When Kim was three months old, the Hunters split and did not reunite. The new splinter group was called the Cherokees, led by Keeper. Pine, Kim's brother, went with the new splinter group. Russle, the dominate female, gave birth to many litters after her insubordinate sister left the group and began targeting certian females to show aggression towards. Her main target was Bandit, one of her younger sisters by less than a year. The Hunters split again and Kim took over as the dominate female. One of Russle's pups was with the splinter group and while he was foraging with the family, the Hunters encountered a puff adder. Kim carried the pup to saftey and squared off with the snake. She was bitten in the side of the face by the snake and almost died. The Hunters reunited and she willingly gave up her leadership to Russle. With over 40 meerkats to protect her, Kim survived the bite, dispite her young age. In 2010, Russle gave birth to her fourth litter, fathered
Kim Hunters

Kim bitten by the puff adder

by Streak. A few days later, Bandit gave birth to her first litter, fathered by an unknown male. Kim was left to babysit the newborns. Within hours of leaving the burrow, Kim's older half-sister Keeper and the Cherokees attacked the Hunters babysitting burrow. Kim defended the pups, snapping at Keeper but was attacked brutally and was killed by her relitives. Fortunatly, the Hunters were able to drive the Cherokees off and no pups died but Kim will not be forgotten for her brave deed in trying to defend the pups.

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