Kaname Vampires
Date of Birth
December 27, 2009
Nikita and Spike
Seiren and Ruka
Known For
Born in first litter of the Vampires

Kaname(VVPM003) was born on December 27, 2009 in the Vampires Mob. His mother was Nikita and his father was the dominant male Spike. His litter-mates were his two sister Ruka(VVPF001) and Seiren(VVPF002). They were the first litter ever born in the Vampires group. His mother were the dominant female but his aunt Trinity, Nikita's litter-mate sister. Trinity gave birth to Ichiru, Zero and Yuki on April 16, 2010. Kaname's litter was no longer the youngest in the group. Trinity was soon overthrown by Tekla but reclaim dominance three months later. Nikita gave birth to Aido, Sayori and Kain on November 18, 2010. Kaname became a big brother and was old enought to start helping out around the mob by babysitting and keeping senrty. Not long after like all young males, Kaname started to go roving with the other males Korhaan and Boost in March 2011. Kaname and his two sisters are still in the group.


Vampires Mob

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