Johnny Johnny 13

Johnny Johnny 13

Wild, Johnny 13 and Embers
Yes of the Johnny 13 and the Embers
Date of Birth
First Seen: October 9,2010
Bindi Johnny 13, Lady Day Johnny 13, Mickey Johnny 13, Kite Johnny 13, Sookie, VEMP025, Potatao and VEMP027
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Johnny 13 and Third Dominant Male of the Embers

Johnny 13Edit

Johnny(VJHM001) was First Seen on October 9, 2010 as the dominant male of a wild group named the Johnny 13. They were a new mob in the World Meerkat Project. The dominant female Kitty became his mate. On October 22, 2010 Kitty gave birth to Mickey, Lady Day, Bindi and Kite. In November Dani was evicted along with Kat and together they formed the Nightshade. That same month Johnny then lost dominance to Danny. He started to live as a subordinate male. Since he was no longer the dominant male, he was free to rove at other groups for mating opportunities.


Johnny and Kenny went roving at the Embers. This group was in need of an unrelated dominant male. Dominant female Maddie was without a mate at first and her uncle Java had taken dominance beside her. Kenny went to mate with Patty, but she wasn't even old enough to mate yet so she chased him away. While Kenny providing some disctation, Johnny maganed to chase the eye of Maddie. She left to mate with him. When she retunred she brought him back with her. Java and Sean were out roving at the Cobras so Johnny found it easy to join the group and became the dominant male of the Embers. Maddie gave birth on January 1, 2011 to Sookie, VEMP025, Potatao and VEMP027. In February, the group had an encounter with the Johnny 13 Mob. Sadly VEMP025 and VEMP027 were killed by the group. Johnny is still the dominant male of the Embers today.

Meerkat DiariesEdit

Johnny played himself as the dominant male of the Johnny 13 in Meerkat Diaries. He was seen as the firts dominant male until Danny deposed him and became the new dominant male of the group. Johnny with Kenny then roved at the Embers who was in need of an unrelated male. Kenny tried to mate with Bubbles(Patty) but she chased him. While Johnny manged to chase the eye of Maddie and left to mate with to mate with him. When she returned she brought him back with her. Johnny became the new dominant male of the Embers.


Firth litter born on October 22, 2010 mothered by Kitty

Mickey (VJHM010)

Lady Day (VJHF011)

Bindi (VJHF012)

Kite (VJHM013)

Second litter born on January 1, 2011 mothered by Maddie

Sookie (VEMF024)


Potatao (VEMM026)



Johnny 13 Mob

Kitty Johnny 13

Maddie Embers

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