Jaguar Hobo
First Seen
February 2010
Known for
Dominant male of Hobo


Jaguar,(VHBM001), was first seen in February 2010 in a group named Hobo. The group was formed by Hoax females, Savannah and Everest, along with two other wild males with Jaguar. Dominant female was taken by Savannah and dominant male was taken by VHBM002. After about two weeks Jaguar deposed the other wild male and took over as dominant male in the group. Savannah gave birth to four pups, VHBP004, VHBP005, VHBP006, VHBP007. VHBP006 and another pup disappeared. Savannah then gave birth to three pups. Hobo is growing in numbers. Hobo is lost after most members could no longer be followed.

Other LinksEdit

Hobo Mob

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