Ichiru(VVPM006) was born on April 16, 2010 in the Vampires. His mother was Trinity and his father was Spike. His litter-mates were Yuki(VVPF004) and Zero(VVPM005). They were Trinity's first litter ever. His mother had just over thrown her sister Tekla and became the new dominant female. Spike took male dominance after Vince, the former dominant male, left the group to rove.His litter was the second litter born int he Vampires. His aunt the former dominant female Tekla gave birth on December 27, 2009 to Kaname, Seiren and Ruka. Ichuri's aunts Tekla and Nikita got pregnant again in May. Nikita gave birth to Aido, Sayori and Kain on June 18, 2010 while Tekla gave birth to Maria and Shindo on June 28, 2010. On September 12, 2010 Trinity gave birth to Shiki, Rima and Takuma. Ichuri finaly got some new litter siblings. He was five months old. He is still int he Vampires today.


Mother: Trinity

Father: Spike

Sister: Yuki

Brother: Zero


Vampires Mob

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