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The Huckduck was formed by a Commandos group split. All the males returned ot the gorup leaving three adult females and three female pups. The three Lazuli rovers joined the females. Phoebe and Tonic have settled into dominance.

Dominant PairEdit

When the group first formed Phoebe won dominance over her sisters and Tonic won male dominance over the other males. The group is currently led by Phoebe and Tonic.

Members of July 2010Edit

Phoebe (VCDF008) Dominant Female

Tonic the dominant male

Tonic (VLM116) Dominant Male

Harry Jarry (VHCM001)

Player (VHCM002)

Patty (VHCF003)

Kathy (VHCF004)

Big Mack (VHCM005)

Wapper (VHCM006)

Bacon Buger (VHCF007)

Tickles (VHCM008)

Pickles (VHCM009)

Wiggles (VHCM010)

Jiggles (VHCF011)











All Known MembersEdit

Phoebe (VCDF008)

Samba babysitting

Tonic (VLM116)

Katharina (VCDF013)

Tybalt (VLM117)

Seraina (VCDF027)

Samba (VCDF030)

Teaser (VLM122)

Zoroaster (VCDF042)

Punx (VCDF045)

Divida (VCDF054)

Harry Jarry (VHCM001)

Player (VHCM002)

Patty (VHCF003)

Kathy (VHCF004)

Big Mack (VHCM005)

Wapper (VHCM006)

Bacon Buger (VHCF007)

Tickles (VHCM008)

Pickles (VHCM009)

Wiggles (VHCM010)

Jiggles (VHCF011)












August 2008: Phoebe, Katherina, Serina, Samba, Zoroaster, Punx and Divida teamed up with Tonic, Tybalt and Teaser. Phoebe and Tonic are the dominance pair.

September 2008: Phoebe, Katherina, Samba and Serina were all pregnant.

October 2008: Phoebe gave birth to Harry Jarry, Player, Patty and Kathy, pups after she killed Serina and Katherina's litters. Samba aborted.

November 2008: One encounter with Commandos

December 2008: Seraina and Samba were both pregnant.

January 2009: Seraina gave birth to Bacon Adder, Big Mack and Wapper. Samba lost her litter.

February 2009: Two encounters with Gattaca

March 2009: Phoebe was pregnant. She evicted Katherina, Serina and Samba.

April 2009: Phoebe gave birth to Tickles, Jiggles, Wiggles and Pickles. Katherina, Serina and Samba were absent at the end of the month.

May 2009: Katherina, Serina and Samba left the group and formed the Lions.

June 2009: Phoebe was pregnant. She evicted Zoroaster, Punx and Divida.

July 2009: Phoebe gave birth to VHCF012, VHCM013 and VHCM014. Zoroaster, Punx, Sue formed Zambia

August 2009: One encounter with Vivian.

September 2009: Tybalt and Teaser went roving three times each.

October 2009: Phoebe pregnant.

November 2009: Phoebe gave birth to VHCF015, VHCF016, VHCM017 and VHCM018

December 2009:Tybalt and Teaser went roving and left the group.

January 2010: One encounter with Young Ones.

February 2010: Two encounters with Gattaca

March 2010: Phoebe was pregnant but aborted

April 2010: Two encounters with Commandos

May 2010: Phoeboe was pregnant

June 2010: Phoebe gave birth to VHCP019, VHCP020 and VHCP021

July 2010: Two encounters with an unknown group

August 2010: Three encounters with Young Ones and two with Commandos

September 2010: Phoebe was pregnant

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