The Hermits were one of the first mobs formed by 10 meerkats. Aster established dominace and her brother Harry assumed the natal dominant male role. Hurry and several of the males soon joined the Furries and Daniel, a Furries rover soon joined the group.

Dominant PairEdit

The Furries was headed by dominant female Furry and her mate Harry for several years.

Current MembersEdit

The Furries have 9 members as of Janaury 2000.

Aster (VHF001) Dominant Female Daniel (VFM002) Dominant Male

Scruffy (VFM005)

Franky (VFM008)

Carry (VHF004)

Marry (VHF005)

Daisy (VHF008)



Darka (VHF011)

Night-eye (VHF012)

Darko (VHM013)

Midnight (VHF014)

All Knonw MembersEdit

A list of meerkats born or joined the Furries.

Aster (VHF001)

Harry (VHM002)

Larry (VHM003)

Carry (VHF004)

Marry (VHF005)

Parry (VHM006)

Artie (VHM007)



(VHM010) Daniel (VFM002)

Scruffy (VFM005)

Franky (VFM008)

Darka (VHF011)

Night-eye (VHF012)

Darko (VHM013)

Midnight (VHF014)


The Hermits first rivals were the the Furries and Starlings.


Janaury 2000: 10 meerkates were released. Three of them were pups. Aster and Harry established dominance. Harry went roving.

February 2000: Harry, Larry and Parry went roving. One encounter with Furries.

March 2000: Two encounters with Furries.

April 2000: Daniel, Scruffy and Franky joined the group. Daniel became the dominant male.

May 2000: Aster aborted. Carry and Marry were evicted. Scruffy went roving.

June 2000: Scruffy and Franky went roving.

July 2000: Aster was pregnant. Carry and Marry were evicted.

August 2000: Aster gave birth to Midnight, Night-eye, Darka and Darko.

September 2000:

October 2000:

November 2000:

December 2000:

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