Gretta(VGRF003) was believed to have been born in the Geckos but she left with s splinter and became the dominant female of the new Gremlins. Her mother was Jemima and her father was and a rover name Plonker. Then tow Kung Fu males Eliotand Woolf joined the group in Febuary of 2010. Eliot became her mate. On May 14, 2010 Gretta gave birth to VGRP012, VGRP013, VGRP014 and VGRP015. In June the Gremlins had one encounter with Nequoia. In July Gretta was pregnant again. She and Eliot are still the dominant pair.


Mother: Jemima

Father: Plonker

Litter-mates: Gloria?

Mate: Eliot

Children: VGRP012, VGRP013, VGRP014 and VGRP015


Gremlins Mob

Eliot Kung Fu

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