Flighters Mob

Flighters Mob

Date of Forming
January 1990
Falconix, Aeros and 10 Wild Meerkats
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Current Dominant Female
No information
Current Dominant Male
No information
Number of Members
No information
Evicted Meerkat(s)
No information
Roving Meerkat(s)

The Flighters Mob was one of the first 7 mobs to be located in the Extreme Desert during January 1990 by meerkat researchers, one of the member was collared and the group was soon followed.

Like the other mobs located at the time, it took this group 5 months to become fully-habituated. The dominant pair of the group at the time was held by female Falconix and male Aeros.


January 1990: The Flighters Mob was located by meerkat researchers, the group was soon followed.

February 1990 - June 1990: Group was being habituated and became fully-habituated during June 1990.

July 1990: The Flighters Mob had encounters with the Omega Mob.

August 1990: The Flighters Mob had encounters with wild mobs.

September 1990: Falconix mated with Aeros.

October 1990: The Flighters Mob had encounters with wild mobs.

November 1990: Falconix evicted (VFLF003), (VFLF004) and (VFLF005). The Flighters Mob had encounters with wild mobs.

December 1990: Falconix gave birth to (VFLF013), (VFLF014) and (VFLM015). (VFLF003), (VFLF004) and (VFLF005) rejoined the group later.

January 1991

February 1991:

March 1991:

April 1991:

May 1991:

June 1991:

July 1991:

August 1991:

September 1991:

October 1991:

November 1991:

December 1991:


(VFLF001) Falconix

(VFLM002) Aeros















When this mob was founded in 1990 by meerkat researchers, their main rivals were Alpha and other unidentified wild mobs.

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