The Fireflame Mob was fromed in 2007 when one Tazarian female and two Corolla females joined up with three rovers from the Raskks. Tramboline and Heatwave established dominance of the group. Then Tramboline was predated leaving the dominant female position to the last Tazarian female Lady Magica.

Current MembersEdit

Lady Magica (VTZF068) Dominant Famel

Heatwave (VRSM032) Dominant Male

Pipsqueke (VCF026)

Fibi (VFFM02)

Flolo (VFFF004)

Retete (VFFM005)

Qeza (VFFF006)

Dredrop (VFFF007)

Jussy (VFFF008)

Barry (VFFM009)

Mr. Claws (VFFM010)

Ully (VFFM012)

Pully (VFFF013)

Mully (VFFM014)

Sully (VFFM015)

Parsky (VFFM016)





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