Finch Starsky


Yes of the Amphiptere
Date of Birth
September 29, 2009
Kinkaju and JD
Falcon, Dove and Hawk
VAPP008, VAPP009, VAPP010 and VAPP011
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Amphiptere


Finch(VSKF035) was born in the Starsky on September 29, 2009. Her mother was Kinkaju and her father was JD. Her litter-mates were Hawk(VSKF034), Dove(VSKF036) and Falcon(VSKM037). They survived to adulthood. After Kinkaju died Tigermoth took dominance. She begant to evicted females from the group. She evicted Finch along with Hawk, her older sister Eagle Owl and younger sister Mongoose.


They formed the Amphiptere Mob with Raptor males. Eagle Owl and Roster became the dominant pair. She lost her litter to Eagle Owl the dominant female. Finch and Hawk were evicted the second time Eagle Owl got pregnant. After she gave birth, she allowed the two females to rejoin the group. Finch attacked Eagle Owl and managed to over throw her taking the position of dominant female for herself. She wa snow the dominant female and Roster was her mate. She evicted Eagle Owl from the group when she got pregnant. She gave birth to four pups on October 28, 2010. She is still the dominant female today.


Mother: Kinkaju

Father: JD

Brother: Falcon

Sisters: Dove and Hawk

Mate: Roster

Chidlren: VHPP008, APP009, VAPP010 and CAPP011


Starsky Mob

Amphiptere Mob

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