Eclipse Mob

Eclipse Mob

Date of Forming
August 3, 2006
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Izit and Comet.
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)

The Eclipse Mob was formed August 3, 2006 by three evicted Kingdoms females and two wild males. Geena and Izit assumed dominant position. Sadly, sometime December 2007, Geena was predated. Her niece Lucy won dominant female position. Izit was still the dominant male. Sadly, Lucy received a snake bite to the head on May 12, 2010 and died, leaving her daughter Delilah as the dominant female. A few days later, Izit left the mob and left former Kingdoms rover Comet as the dominant male. The Eclipse mob is still alive today.

Dominant PairEdit

When the mob first formed, Izit was found as the dominant male. However, both Geena and Lucy fought months for dominant female position. However, Geena finally won and became Izit's mate. The ruled with each other for one and half years till Geena was predated in late 2007. Her niece Lucy became the mob's dominant female. She and Izit became mates and ruled till early 2010 when Lucy was bitten by a puff adder and died. Her daughter Delilah took dominant female role. However, she couldn't mate with Izit, who was her father. A few days later, Izit left the mob and former rover Comet became the dominant male and Delilah's new mate. Delilah and Comet are still the dominant pair of the Eclipse today.

Current MembersEdit

Delilah(VNEF029) Dominant Female

Comet(VNKM046) Dominant Male

Rose (VNEF030)



Johnny (VNKM049)

Stan (VNWM031)

Opal (VNEF034)

Puppy (VNEF035)

Flora (VNEF037)

Vincent (VNEM038)

Dave (VNEM039)

Katrina (VNEF040)

Sandy (VNEF041)

Austin (VNEM042)

Shady (VNEM043)

Holly (VNEF044)

Bea (VNEF045)

Bluebell (VNEF048)

Kinky (VNEF049)

Sobata (VNEM050)

Katniss (VNEF051)

Primrose (VNEF052)

Maybelline (VNEF053)



All Known MembersEdit

Geena Kingdoms (VNKF029)

Janna Kingdoms (VNKF030)

Lucy Kingdoms (VNKF031)

Izit Eclipse (VNEM001)

Soki Eclipse (VNEM002)

Roseanne Hurricanes (VNH012)

Lila Hurricanes (VNHF013)

Aurkino Hurricanes (VNHM017)

Sparta Hurricanes (VNHM020)

Frankie Eclipse (VNEM003)


Firefox Eclipse (VNEF005)

Taylor Eclipse (VNEF006)

Austin Eclipse (VNEM007)

Harmony Eclipse (VNEF008)

Songflight Eclipse (VNEF009)


Garret Kingdoms (VNKM033)

Mr. Snow Kningdoms (VNKM034)

Teddy Kingdoms (VNKM036)

Alica Eclipse (VNEF011)

Ragga Muffin Eclipse (VNEM012)

Cupcake Eclipse (VNEF013)

Jimmy Eclipse (VNEM014)

Whiskey Eclipse (VNEM015)





Hamster Eclipse (VNEM020)

Ugly Julie Eclipse (VNEF021)

Gorse Eclipse (VNEF022)

Billie Eclipse (VNEF023)

Jean Eclipse (VNEF024)


Tim Eclipse (VNEM025)

Jango Eclipse (VNEM026)



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