Dread(VUBM011) was born in the Umbra Mob on May 13, 2009. His mother was Crystal and his father was Spectra. He had foour litter-mates named Maria(VUBF010), Olaf(VUBM012), Banshee(VUBF013) and Hans(VUBM014). Since their parents were the dominant pair of the Umbra, the pups were welll look after by the few adults. Dread's litter was born at the end of the rainy season but they managed to survive to their firat year. Dread was the first out of his litter to start roving with the older males. He also helped out with babysitting and taking sentry duties. His two brothers Hans and Olaf soon started roving with him. Dread is still in the Umbra today.


Umbra Mob

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