Cutlass was born in 2003-2004, with his littermates Spencer and Crackers. Spencer was killed by a snake as a pup soon after foraging with the adults, so Cutlass became very close to his sister. Cutlass remained in Tazarians all the time, Aiding his Sister and her Children. Cutlass was bitten by a puff adder on his elbow, and was hit by a car, but he is still alive with a bruised leg and a swollen elbow. Cutlass is now around 5-6 years old, aging faster then the other members. Cutlass often goes roving, and has only sucessfully mated with 3 females (Republicans); Freya, Craye and Mellow. Each female sucessfully gave birth to 3 pups each, so Cutlass has fathered 9 pups. Cutlass' wearabouts are sometimes unknown, and it results in people thinking that Cutlass is missing and he is dead. But Cutlass is a fighter, and returns healthier then ever. Cutlass is aging though, and these days could be his last on the Tazarians Manor.

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