Butch Cassidy Whiskers(VWM098)

Cracky Joans(VXAM018)

Xhosa Family Edit

Mother: Dafila

Father: Azdrondtik

Littermates: Marmite(VXAM016), Aremite(VXAF017), Zabracrossing(VXAF019) and Tigi(VXAM020)

History Edit

Cracky Joans was born on 16th April 2009 in the Xhosa mob. His mother was Dafila and his father was Azdrondtik. He was born in a litter of of five pups. His littermate brothers include Marmite(VXAM016) and Tigi(VXAM020) and his littermate sisters include Aremite(VXAF017) and Zebracrossing(VXAF019). He has turned a year and three months old currently and is expected to rove soon.

links Edit

Xhosa Mob

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