Cosmo(XEM015) was born on March 12, 2004 in the Elves. His mother was Fairy and his father was Elf. His litter-mates were one sister Frigget(XEF014) and oen brother Digger(XEM013). They survived to adulthood. Comso and hsi older sister Echo got seperated from the rest of the group. They were soon joined by their brothers Warlock and Thunderbird. They then were joined by some Whiskers males and formed a new group.


They formed the Hobbits. Echo took female dominance along with Shakespeare. Cosmo stayed in this group a little over a year. Then he left for good along with Warlock and Thunderbird. They joined some Lazuli females and formed a new group.


The new group was called the Wizards Mob named after Warlock who took male dominance alogn with Pancake.


Cosmo later leaft and formed the Cosmos Mob. He took the position of dominant male. Tequila became the dominant female.


Elves Mob

Hobbits Mob

Wizards Mob

Cosmos Mob

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