Cosima(SJF001) was first seen Oct.1 2004 in the newly formed Jets Mob.She assumed dominate female postin along with Zephyros.Cosima gave birth to Owen and Amber on November 1,2004.She evicted Lara.It was unknown what happened to Lara's pups.In Januray,Cosima was pregnant,and she evicted pregnant Ginger.On Feb.3,2005,Cosima gave birth Lisa and Dawanie.She killed Sue's pups and evicted her.On May 3,2005,Cosima gave birth,but her litter was killed by a wild female.Cosima evicted the wild female.She started to bully Ginger often.Cosima evicted pregnant Ginger.She gave birth to SVZJF0045.Ginger returned,but gave birth.Cosmia killed Ginger's pups and evicted her again.She was pregnant again I'm Jan.She evicted Lara and Lula.Cosima lost her litter somehow.Sadly,on March 3,2006,Cosima was killed by a bird of prey.

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