Cookie(VFMF002) was First Seen on January 30, 2008 in a wild mob called the Flames. The group was named afater the dominant male Flame. Cookie took the role of dominant female beside Flame. The group consited of six meerkats, two wild males Flame and Brock and four wild females Cookie, Kalena, Shanna and Paloma. Cookie gave birth to VFMM015 and VFMF016 on March 17, 2008. On November 10, 2008 Cookie gave birth to VFMM020, VFMM021, VFMF022 and VFMF023. Group split in April leaving only Cookie, Flame, Kalena, VFMM007, VFMM010, VFMF012 and the four pups. The other members split but rejoined within the next month. Brock over threw Flame and became the dominant male. Cookie lost her litter to Shanna who gave birth to VFMF024, VFMM025, VFMM026 and VFMF027. Flame took back dominance from Brock. On June 9, 2009 Cookie gave birth to VFMF028, VFMM029, VFMF30, VFMM031 and VFMM032. Then on January 28, 2010 Cookie gave birth to VFMF041, VFMF042, VFMM043 and VFMM044. Cookie is still the dominant female of the Flames today.


Flames Mob

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