Colin Rockkats

Cute Colin

Wild and Rockkats
Date of Birth
Niku and Roley
Known For
Rockkats founder


Colin (VRKM003) was born in a wild mob. His mother and father were posible the dominant pair of the group. His sibblings were uknown. He stayed at the group until 2010 when he was first seen roving in the Van Helsing with two older brothers, Roxx and Ayrcon. They were chased away by the dominant male, Titan. They roved in the Pandora and Aztecs and disapired until August, 2011 when they across three evicted Whiskers females, PenetrantSparkle and Lizzy.


The meerkats form a new group called the Rockkats. He was the youngest males, so he didn´t competed for the dominance. The two other males fought and finally Roxx win and became the mate of the new dominant female Penetrant the oldest female. However he mated with one of the other females named Lizzy. The three females were pregneat, but Lizzy was the first to gave birth to Colin´s first litter consited of two pups: Niku (VRKF004) and Roley (VRKM005) on October 23, 2011. Colin stayed in the group a long time to help to baby-sit and do sentry-duty until August, 2012 when he started to rove with Ayrcon. In September the two males didn´t return to the group, but were seen roving. Soon the two males returned to the Rockkats, but the same month he left it to rove. In November, Colin's only son Roley joined him. Colin and Roley returned in December. His brother Ayrcon went roving after them. Colin went roving in January 2013 along with Roley again Colin still alive living in the Rockkats today, roving


Rockkats Mob

Lizzy Whiskers

Ayrcon Rockkats

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