Chester Berserk


Date of Birth
January 18, 2010
Gloria and Tyron
Jamie Mel and Shrike
Known For
Gloria's son

Chester(VBSM018) was born in the Berserk on January 18, 2010. Her mother was Gloria and father was Tyron a rover from the Raptors. His litter-mates were his two sisters Jamie(VBSF017) and Mel(VBSF019) and one brother Shrike(VBSM020). They were the first grandchildren born in the Berserk. His mother wasn't the dominant female but his grandmother Chocolatine. As dominant female she could have killed her grandchildren but she allowed them to live since she had not pups at the time. Chester's aunt Marlene soon gave birth on April 24, 2010 to Clarence, Ichi and Nano. That month Chester lost his mother to a jackal on April 26, 2010, ate the age of four months. After Chocolatine died, his aunt Seraphis took over as the new dominant female. Some of his uncles left the group. HIs uncles Black Ace, Karl, Mr. Inverted and Spencer left the group and joined the Klingons. His other uncles Soophy, Alex, Marty and Melman left the group and formed the Indians Mob. A Mutant male Mephos joined the group and became the dominant male. Chester is ten months old now and still in the group today.


Mother: Gloria

Father: Tyron

Brother: Shrike

Sisters: Jamie and Mel


Berserk Mob

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