Bree Barbarians

Bree Barbarians

Date of Birth
December 22, 2008
Beatrice and Baker
Bruno, Brook and Blake
Known For
A Barbarian roving female

Bree(VBRF003) was born in the Barbarians on December 22, 2008. Her mother was Beatrice and her father was Baker. Her litter-mates were her two brothers Bruno(VBRM001) and Blake(VBRM002) and one sister Brook(VBRF004). They survived to adulthood. Baker lost dominance to Miles and was predated May 27, 2009 by a wild cat. Miles was predated on September 29, 2009 by a hawk leaving Karim as the dominant male. Soon Bree became one of the oldest females in the group besides her sister Brook and aunt Figzig. Her aunt was often evicted whenever Beatirce was pregnant. In August 2010 Brook and Beatrice were both pregant. Brook gave birth to VBRM030, VBRF031, VBRF032 and VBRF033, making Bree an aunt. In November Bree left the group to rove, strange for a female, she appeared at the Gangsters and probably mated with one of the males. She soon returned to the group. In December 2010 she was pregnant. She is still in the Barbarians today.


Mother: Beatrice

Father: Baker

Sister: Bree

Brothers: Bruno and Blake


Barbarians Mob

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