Big Ben Barbarians


Beth, Barron, Bonny and Baxter
Known For
Emons' founder


Big Ben(VBRM005) was born in the Barbarians Mob on April 22, 2009. His mother was Beatrice and his father was Baker. His litter-mates were Beth(VBRF006), Barron(VBRM007), Bonny(VBRF008) and Baxter(VBRM009). They survived their first few weeks. A month after they were born Miles over threw Baker and became the dominant male. Baker was predated May 27, 2009 by a wild cat. Beatrice gave birth on August 17, 2009 to Malcolm, Brandy, Mike and Barbra. All four pups survived. Miles was predated soon after on September 29, 2009 by a hawk. Karim assumed male dominance beside Beatrice. Hi saunt Tabatha mated with Sabota from the Troopers and gave birth to Tiger, Tabby and Kitty on October 17, 2009. All three pups survived. Tabatha was predated two months later on December 10, 2009. Beatrice gave birth to Kyle, Kenny, Wendy, Stan and Eric on January 25, 2010. They were Karim's first litter. Fizgig gave birth to three pups on March 12, 2010. In May 2010 Beatrice gave birth to four pups. She evicted Fizgig.In early 2010, Big Ben went roving with his brothers Bruno and Barron.


They teamed up with two evicted Moomins females and formed a new group called Emons. Big Ben's older brother Bruno assumed male dominance of the group. One of the females named Midgit took the position of dominant female. Big Den was seen near the Nutty Mob but is still in the Emons today.


Mother: Beatrice

Father: Baker

Sisters: Beth and Bonny

Brothers: Barron and Baxter


Barbarians Mob

Emons Mob

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