the balancers are a group bening hated by mitch.

thuneús is their dominant male, and alpha their dominant female.

thuneús is also bening atacked by hannibal. and alpha by nikita. that was because the commandos are jealous to the balancers.

one time hawkeye joind the balancers, but returned to the whiskers a day later. but axel was with him and stayed a day more but he didn't was there longer than that

mitch hates the balancers because he dont like thuneús.


  • may 2011: the group was formed by thuneús, a roving male, and a vew of banded females.
  • juny 2011: alpha became the dominant female besides thuneús.
  • july 2011: alpha gave birth to omega, equardo and someone.
  • august 2011: hawkeye and axel joind the balancers, but got away the same week.
  • september 2011: five encounters by the commandos and one by the joung ones.
  • october 2011: one encounter with the whiskers
  • november 2011: someone went roving, got success and returned.
  • december 2011: someone's partner gave birth to emerald and crystal but their mom died.
  • januari 2012: one big encounter with the commandos, equardo and someone went roving.
  • equardo
  • someone

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