The Bad Boys mob is a term used for permanent rovering males no longer attached to a breeding group. The Bad Boys is not a real mob. There is no breeding dominant pair. Groups can only be consisted a new mob when there is a dominant female. Since this is a term for rovers there are no females since female don't rove. Male who joined the Bad Boys left their birth mob and most likely won't returned. Males leave their mob is their mate dies or they can't gain dominance or there are no unrelated females to mate with or a group of unrelated males joins and kicks them out. Five Whiskers males Nugget, Juno, Marica, Sabota and Savuka were all once in this gorup but later joined four Commandos female to form the Troopers. Jasper once was the dominant male of the Yoshies till the gorup split and disappeared. He returned in the population. Finn MacCool once was the natal dominant male of the Drie Dorng till he was ousted by Alonzo Mourning, Darwina and Dali. He was seen by the JaXX. Zphod's group was in the Bad Boys only for two days then they joined four wild femaels to form the Underdog.

Current MembersEdit

Jasper (VCDM015) Former Dominant Male of the Yoshies

Finn MacCool (VDM018) Former Dominant Male fo the Drie Doring

All Known MembersEdit

Nugget (VWM123) Dominant Male of the Trooper

Juno (VWM125) Living in the Troopers

Marico (VWM126) Living in the Troopers

Sabota (VWM128) Living in the Troopers

Savuka (VWM129) Living in the Troopers

Zaphod (VVVM032) Dominant Male of the Underdog

Marmite (VAZM001) Living in the Underdog

Piglet (VAZM004) Living in the Underdog

Moliere (VAZM008) Living in the Underdog

Chaka (VAZM010) Living in the Underdog

Jasper (VCDM015) Former Dominant Male of the Yoshies

Finn MacCool (VDM018) Former Dominant Male fo the Drie Doring


All the breeding groups are the rovers' rivals. Finn MacCool was once the seen roving at the JaXX. Moliere was seen by the Aristocats.

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