The Anbuis mob was formed March 4,2007 when two Olliern females teamed up with a wild female an six males.Joy and Fabian assumed dominate pair.On Januray 1,2009,Joy died.Nina assumed dominate female postin.Nina and Fabian are the dominate pair today.

Dominate PairEdit

Joy and Fabian were the pair till 2009.Joy died and her sister Nina became the leader.She and Fabian are the pair today.

Currnet MembersEdit

The Anbuis mob has 12 members as of Janauray 2011.

Nina (VOF003)

Fabian (VANM002)

Partrica (VANF005)

Paws (VANM0010)

Mara (VANF0045)

Mick (VANM0034)

Christina (VANF0023)

Rufus (VANM0024)

Lauren (VANF007)

Zack (VANM008)


Brown (VANM00?)

The group has had 99 meerkats in the group.


The rivals were the Ollian,the Tazarn,and a wild mob.

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